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Terms of Renting

Among the contracting company with the name “DaskalakisVcars”, the distinctive title “Vrentacar” based in Rethymno, 56 Machiton Gendarmerie School Street, Tax Identification Number 143688954, Rethymnon Tax Office, legally represented (representative) lessee with the particulars listed on page 1 (hereinafter referred to as “the lessee”), hereinafter referred to as “the parties” or “the parties”, through this car rental agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the contract”), agreed, and the following were mutually accepted:


When you pick the car up, you will need a driver license, passport or IDcard and an amount from the driver’s credit/debit card as a deposit for guarantee which will be fully refunded at the end of the rental, provided no other charges arise. The amount of the deposit is only for special cars group. You must be at least 23 to drive this car. If the traffic police give you a fine during your rental or a fine comes to the company your days of rent you are obliged to inform us. We receive the money from your credit or you pay in cash otherwise the company will make an appeal to the court. (General Data Protection of Europe. EU 2016/679)
The car is prohibited to move out of the island without the company’s permission.
When you pick your car up, the fuel tank will be full. The counter staff will block this money on your credit or you have to pay in cash if the fuel tank is not full when you return the car. Please repay the fuel you’ve used. Thank you!
The client is obliged to deliver the vehicle on the agreed return rental location and οn the agreed time and place during working hours of the company’s office. if the client wants to extend the car rental must notify the company at least 24 hours before the end of the rental. If the company is not informed of the extension and is late on the delivery time (more than an hour) the client will be charged with an extra’s day rental.
The vehicle is permitted to be used only in asphalt road network. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven off-road, to be used for driving lessons and to follow or participate in any racing sports. The vehicle is not permitted to be subleased to third parties or to be used of transport of dangerous cargo.
The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by a person who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The insurance is not valid if you are found positive.
The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by persons other than the Lessee or any additional driver for whom the lessee has accepted the respective daily charges as determined by the official price list of the company and the details of any additional driver must be recorded in the rental agreement.
The client is obliged to look after the car, check its mechanical condition and notify the company if any problems occur. Any car repair by the lessee or any other is prohibited without the approval of the company. In case the car is stolen /damaged due to non-compliance with the above mentioned the lessee is not discharged even if he/she has accepted any optional coverage.
The lessee’s personal data are maintained electronically. The company may securely transfer those data to
police and insurance authorities, in accordance with the legal requirements and within the framework of the general data protection regulation.
This agreement is governed by Greek law and any dispute rising between the company and the lessee under this agreement, shall be subject to the exclusive junidiction of the courts.
The rented vehicle has an insurance coverage. The insurance is not valid if the accident isn’t reported in the police authorities and at the insurance agent. The insurance covers the damage for a car accident if the accident happens with the responsibility of others or yours. Self-risk: If the damage is less than 500€ and it is your fault then you must cover this amount (ex. Loses/ breaks the car key, tears/destroys the tyre, make scratches on the vehicle then he/she is obliged to pay for the damage). In case of an accident the coverage includes body injuries per person in other car or in your car, hospital compensations per day, medicine) etc. If the damage is more than 500 euro then the insurance covers the whole damage after that amount.
The insurance covers you when there is a damage in the car from weather phenomenon or if there is a fire or explosion.
Also, there is a protection from crystal breakage (free replacement) and protection if an accident happens inside private areas.
The insurance provides you with Free transfer from insurance vehicle if the car breaks down, crashes or fire bursts wherever you are on the island. The services are available 24 hours a day.
If there is a car accident and the other car is uninsured the insurance covers the value of your rental car or the whole damages of your car.
By making this booking, you are confirming that you have read and accept our Terms & Conditions.