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The rented vehicle has an insurance coverage. The insurance is not valid if the accident isn’t reported in the police authorities and at the insurance agent. The insurance covers the damage for a car accident if the accident happens with the responsibility of others or yours. Self-risk: If the damage is less than 500 and it is your fault then you must cover this amount (ex. Loses/ breaks the car key, tears/destroys the tyre, make scratches on the vehicle then he/she is obliged to pay for the damage).  In case of an accident the coverage includes body injuries per person in other car or in your car, hospital compensations per day, medicine) etc. If the damage is more than 500 euro then the insurance covers the whole damage after that amount.

The insurance covers you when there is a damage in the car from weather phenomenon or if there is a fire or explosion.

Also, there is a protection from crystal breakage (free replacement) and protection if an accident happens inside private areas.

 The insurance provides you with Free transfer from insurance vehicle if the car breaks down, crashes or fire bursts wherever you are on the island. The services are available 24 hours a day.

If there is a car accident and the other car is uninsured  the insurance covers the value of your rental car or the whole damages of your car.

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